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Karthik Raghavan, MD, FACS


This is a condition where small weakened areas of the colon form bubble like outpouchings on the outside of the colon. Initially this can present as diverticulosis which can cause rectal bleeding. As the condition becomes more advanced it can lead to inflammation and infection of the colon where the patient complains of severe pain in the lower abdomen. Severe cases may require hospitalization for IV antibiotics. In very severe cases, complications such as intra-abdominal abscess formation and large bowel perforations can occur necessitating emergency surgical intervention. Commonly this condition is seen in the elderly age group and in patients who suffer from chronic constipation.

Dr. Raghavan specializes in early diagnosis of diverticular disease during his colonoscopies. Early diagnosis of the condition can avoid the more severe complications with dietary modifications and increasing fiber in the diet. The most severe cases may need emergency surgical intervention in the form of colon resections and temporary colostomies which can be done by robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery.