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Karthik Raghavan, MD, FACS

Colorectal Cancers

The incidence of cancers of the colon and rectum are on the rise in the middle-aged and elderly population. Symptoms can start with a change in bowel habits with chronic lower abdominal discomfort and pain. As the cancer becomes more advanced, symptoms of bleeding from the rectum, obstruction and loss of weight can become apparent. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential and can be achieved by early diagnosis during screening colonoscopies. More advanced cases require surgical intervention in the form of colon resection.

Dr. Raghavan's expertise in screening colonoscopies helps in detecting this condition in a very early stage and managing the condition by endoscopic removal of small tumors and polyps. If the cancer is more advanced and requires surgical resection, Dr. Raghavan specializes in advanced minimally invasive robotic colon resections, leading to early recovery with less postoperative pain and complications.